Colorado Science & Engineering Fair Judges

The Colorado Science and Engineering Fair has two types of judges that volunteer to evaluate student projects and give awards out accordingly. These are:

Grand Award Judges are scientists, physicians, psychologists, engineers, veterinarians, nurses and other professionals from the fields of science, mathematics, computer science, medicine, physics, etc. who help us select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention winners from the two divisions and 12 categories.

To register as a Grand Awards Judge, your background needs to reflect the experience, education and expertise for the three categories you select on the registration form.

Undergraduate students are eligible to judge in the Junior Division (grades 6-8) categories only. Graduate students and professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree are eligible to judge in the Senior Division (grades 9-12) categories, but may choose “Junior”, “Senior” or “Either” division on their registration form.

More information and essential documents can be found on the Grand Award Judges web page.

The Special Awards Program is an integral part of the Colorado Science & Engineering Fair that allows organizations, businesses, universities and individuals to support science education by rewarding and interacting with CSEF participants in specialized areas of interest to the sponsoring organization, business or individual.

Special Award Organizations provide representatives to judge the student projects through interviews and present awards based on their criteria. Awards may include cash, savings bonds, memberships, subscriptions, scientific equipment and/or internships.

More information about becoming a Special Award Organization and essential documents can be found on the Special Award Organization web page.